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Lapband Studies have shown obesity increases a personís healthcare costs by 36% and medication costs by 105%, compared with people in a normal weight range.Lap-Band Surgery

Consumer Guide to Lap-Band Surgery Cost

Sunday July 24, 2016

Lap-Band Surgeon

Choosing an experienced and skilled Lap Band Surgeon affects the success of the surgery.

Lap-Band Surgery Cost

Individuals who are pursuing Lap-Band surgery have many factors to consider. Deciding to have Lap-Band surgery is a big step, so it is important that individuals be prepared for everything that lies ahead. All of the decisions that need to be made are crucial and should be given the utmost attention by the future patient. Some of the factors that should be considered involve choosing a Lap-Band surgeon, deciding where to have the Lap-Band surgery, and the cost of Lap-Band surgery.

Choosing a LAP-BAND Surgeon

For those who are considering Lap-Band surgery, it is important to invest the time into selecting the doctor who will perform the surgery. Experience counts, and it can make a difference in the success of the surgery. Doctors who specialize in weight loss related surgeries are bariatric surgeons.

One good way to find a bariatric surgeon is thru another doctor's referral. Individuals who are considering weight loss surgery should discuss this with their primary care physician and ask if they could provide any recommendations of doctors who specialize in Lap-Band surgery. Another good way to find a bariatric surgeon who performs the Lap-Band surgery is thru word of mouth. If the person contemplating surgery has any friends or family members that have had the surgery, they may be a good source of information. A personal recommendation is a good way to find a Lap-Band surgeon.

In addition to finding a Lap-Band doctor thru a personal referral or recommendation, the internet can be a wonderful resource for choosing a bariatric surgeon. One may be able to visit the website of doctors who perform the surgery and find out information about the doctor's practice. Many doctors host seminars for the general public on the weight loss options where the individual can receive more information.

When interviewing prospective surgeons, it is important to ask as many questions as possible in order to be completely informed beforehand about all aspects of the Lap-Band surgery. It is also important to be completely comfortable with the surgeon and confident that the right surgeon has been chosen. A good doctor will be willing to take the time to answer one's questions and address all one's concerns. Some of the questions to ask relate to the doctor's experience and credentials, including how many Lap-Band surgeries performed and the outcome of these surgeries. The doctor should pay attention to the prospective patients unique health condition and fully inform them at to what outcome and changes the patient should expect after the surgery.

The Cost of Lap-Band Surgery

Although it should not be the only criteria when choosing a surgeon or facility, the cost of Lap-Band surgery is an important consideration since it is a sizeable amount of money that will be spent. However, the money is put to good use if it improves the individual's health and quality of life. The costs can vary based on where the surgery is performed and on the individuals specific condition. It is extremely important to find out all related costs and consider all the financial issues before the surgery takes place.

When discussing costs, the individual should inquire about all costs of the Lap-Band procedure from start to finish. The costs to consider include pre-op tests, surgeon fees, hospital charges and associated surgery fees. There are also additional costs in the follow-up care, including nutritional counseling, psychological support, and follow-up medical visits.

In the USA, the cost of Lap-Band surgery can range from $17,000 to $30,000. The Lap-Band surgery is also available out of the country, often at much lower costs than in the United States, due to lower overhead costs. The Lap-Band procedure is widely used in Australia and Europe, where the procedure was available about eight years before it was approved in the United States, at costs that can range from $11,000 to $16,000. The surgery is also performed at similar costs in Mexico, Brazil, India and Canada.

Besides the actual costs, there are other financial considerations to look into. If the patient has health insurance, one should see if the insurance plan covers the surgery and how much of the charges they will pay. As health coverage and medical eligibility can vary from company to company and plan to plan, it is important to contact the insurance company directly for approval. Also, many doctors and hospitals offer financing options or installment plans for payment.

Having Surgery Outside the United States

The Lap-Band surgery has been performed outside of the United States much longer than it has been performed in the United States. There are many reputable facilities and skilled surgeons that perform the surgery outside the USA, including Italy, Belgium, Switzerland, Sweden, Australia, India, Mexico, Brazil, and Canada. While the lower costs are very enticing, don't just look for the cheapest place to go. Traveling for surgery brings additional considerations.

Just as it is important for one to make sure a doctor is certified locally, it is also important to check a doctors credentials who is out of the country. Doing research on the internet and seeking personal testimonials into the reputation of a particular doctor and facility is very important. Make sure the medical devices and implants used are the same ones that are approved for use in the USA. If health insurance is available, check to see if one's plan covers procedures performed outside of the USA. Inquire as to the policies, procedures, eligibility, and pre-op requirements prior to scheduling surgery. Also, if something goes wrong, there may be no legal recourse.

The costs of travel and the time needed should also be taken into account when scheduling Lap-Band surgery out of the country. This is not the time to try and fit in a sight-seeing vacation, but inquire as to how many days in the hospital and for recovery, as well as allowing at least a couple of days before the surgery for a pre-op appointment and time to become acquainted with the facility. Arrangements also need to be made for follow-up visits, adjustments, and what will be done in the event of a problem. If one decides to have Lap-Band surgery abroad, travel should not be done alone, but with a family member of friend.

Having surgery close to home is often the best recommendation, since the surgeon is close by for follow-up care and if something goes wrong. However, if the cost difference is huge, accepting some risk may be an acceptable trade-off for saving some money.