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Lapband Studies have shown that weight loss with the Lap-Band helps to improve and resolve conditions such as asthma, Type 2 diabetes, sleep apnea, gastroesophageal reflux, and hypertension.Lap-Band Surgery

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Tuesday July 26, 2016

Lap-Band Surgery Follow-Up Care

Once the Lap-Band has been put into place, it is important to note that the individual's doctor will want to provide follow-up care to the individual at various periods for a time period thereafter. Follow-up visits are usually scheduled every 6 weeks for the year following the surgery for lap band fills (adjustments) and overall health exams. After that year has passed the individual is encouraged to visit his/her doctor every three months for check-ups throughout the next two years. During the follow-up visits the doctor will check on how the patient has been doing with their Lap-Band and whether there are any issues that have arisen which cause the patient to have questions.

Along with visiting the doctor who performed the Lap-Band surgery for follow-up visits, it is also important to have occasional office visits with one's primary care physician. The primary care physician can offer check-ups, care and advice to the individual regarding other facets of their health which may correlate with having the Lap-Band in place. A nutritionist is also recommended for those individuals who have had Lap-Band surgery done so that the patient can keep their diet and nutritional intake on the right path.

Lap-Band Fills - Adjustments to the Lap-Band

The Lap-Band is something which can be adjusted from time to time. This is one of the very beneficial advantages of Lap-Band surgery. Approximately 6 weeks following the Lap-Band surgery, an individual will need to have the band adjusted, a process known as a lap band fill. This is done by adding fluid to the Lap-Band. There are a few different factors which help to determine whether or not an adjustment is needed at that 6 week time period. These include degree of hunger, amount of restriction and amount of weight loss that has taken place.

The lap band fills that need to be done to the Lap-Band at different time periods throughout the existence of the apparatus are procedures which take a very short period of time and can be done right in the doctor's office. After that initial adjustment, future adjustments are done at approximately 4-6 week intervals if it is deemed necessary by the doctor. The patient should be sure to be aware of any drastic changes in weight, hunger or other variables after adjustments have been done and report any changes to their health care professional immediately.

Removal of the Lap-Band

The Lap-Band is an item which can be removed should it be deemed necessary. It is recommended that the Lap-Band be viewed as a permanent fixture and not one that can be removed once the individual has reached their target weight. In order for the Lap-Band to adequately work for the individual throughout their life, it is important for the Lap-Band to stay in place. However, it provides individuals with peace of mind simply by knowing that the Lap-Band can be removed should it be necessary to do so.

The Lap-Band surgery procedure is one which promotes a wide range of lifestyle changes. It is important to note that the changes which are necessary are ones that will work towards the benefit of the individual in the end and promote weight loss in one's life after Lap-Band surgery.